Updated! More Isometric RPG madness in development!

Update 27.12.2018:
2Ro Productions just released the very first alpha preview of the game.

Check it out now!

The small (one man) developer 2Ro Productions is working on a RPG with inspiration from the Icewind Dale series amoung other classics. He states on his webpage that the aim is to develop a dark type of RPG seen through a birds eye view (Isometric 3D). 

From the animated video on the website we could see the atmosphere and feel straight away, but that’s just about all we got. Theres no mention of story, lore or other information. 

We will be watching the development and hope that 2Ro Productions manages to deliver more info later down the road and eventually a release sometime in the future. 

website: 2roproductions.com
Facebook: facebook.com/2RoProductions/
Twitter: twitter.com/@2roproductions