Rocket League not getting Cross-Play. Not yet anyways!

One of the greatest contenders for cross-play between the various game platforms has been Psyonix, the developers of “Rocket League”.

It was during E3 in 2016 that the first announced cross-play between Switch and Xbox One, under Nintendo’s own E3 presentation, and afterwards they put a lot of pressure on Sony to join the gang.

For example, they said they got the game to communicate between platforms in trial versions and that it was as easy as just pressing a button if Sony said yes.

Well, now Sony has said yes – is it going to be cross-football-driving soon?

It depend, says the developers. So far, only Fortnite is allowed to work between game consoles, and a few days ago, they explained to Destructoid that they had no plans for an update yet.

“We’re really happy on behalf of the PlayStation and Fortnite communities, and think this is a great step forward. We know that the “Rocket League” players and our own gaming community want to know what this means to them too, but we have no updates right now.

In a post on Reddit, Psyonix boss Dave Hagewood explains it all.

– We developed “Rocket League” with cross-play right from the start. It has been a mandate for us that our technology, processes and policies should always take care of this and we have worked hard to get it done.

“We hoped that other developers would compete in the match, and they did. We also hoped that the players would shout out, and they did.”

He further says that it’s not just for them to “hit the button”, but that Sony and the others must agree too. Sony has said that they should first evaluate how Fortnite works before watching other games.

“Cross-play is not something Psyonix and the” Rocket League “can do all by themselves. It takes a lot of cooperation and coordination from many parties, especially from the platform developers themselves.

“It is with the greatest pleasure that I can now confirm that the biggest consoles are working towards a true cross-play experience on all platforms. I want everyone to understand how much priority it is for us.