PUBG listed for PS4 by Korean Ratings Board

The Korean Ratings board has officially classified PUBG as “Not for Youth” on PlayStation 4 in Korea, while this could be an error typically games aren’t listed on a ratings board unless it is indeed coming to the platform due to the submission process by developers. You can view the game’s official description from the Korean Ratings board below.

  • “Survival FPS, who has become the last survivor on the isolated island to play for victory 
  • * Excessive violence expression 
    – Violence expression through realistic weaponry and red blood color expression accordingly 
  • Therefore, Article 21 and grade According to Article 7 (4) of the Classification Regulations, it is decided to classify as ‘Not for Youth’.”

It’s entirely possible that PUBG’s Xbox exclusivity lasted only through the game’s early access period and is looking to come to other consoles now that it has officially hit 1.0 and gotten a full release on both PC and Xbox. A recent behind the scenes video at the team’s studio also allowed viewers to catch a glance at a PlayStation 4 on someone’s desk.