Headspun – Linux build available

Set inside the brain of Theo Kavinsky after waking from a coma, the FMV adventure hybrid game Headspun now has a Linux version available.

The current version is classed as an Early Access build and the Linux version especially needs more testing. The developer sent a Twitter post out to mention this.


After waking from a five week coma, Theo Kavinsky finds his life in disrepair, and with no memory of the accident, it’s up to Ted and Teddy – the conscious and subconscious voices in his head – to work out what happened, and put his life back on track.

Headspun is an FMV/Adventure hybrid which puts you in the shoes of Ted: the Director of Cortex – the rational, intelligent voice in Theo’s head. What Ted thinks is best for Theo isn’t necessarily a view shared by Teddy, however; the primal, emotional subconscious voice…


  • Rich FMV story-telling
  • Branching dialogue – sway the outcome of your interactions
  • Rebuild Cortex – earn Neuros to hire staff and commission renovations
  • Retrieve Lost Memories and work out what happened the night of Theo’s accident
  • Original Synthwave Score from Soho Loop

Pretty impressive that the developer, Superstring, is made up of only one person.

Find it on itch.io for the early builds. You can also follow it on Steam for when it releases there, picking it up on itch will also give you a Steam key when it’s finished.