1. New Additions

  • Added New Game + Mode
  • Added IGE Scripting Tools
  • Added new weapons
  • Added new vehicles
  • Added new masks
  • Added new special outfits

2. Stability & Performance

  • Fixed Audio issue that was causing an edge-case crash
  • Fixed a connection error bug when the Host of an in-game party created a private session
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur upon accessing the in-game party menu
  • Bug fix for rare stuck black screen upon Fast Travelling in Coop
  • Bug fix for error screen when moving an asset outside of map limits in IGE

3. Missions

  • Minor bug fix for Player inventory after some cinematics

4. Audio

  • Fixed minor audio/VO issues in Dead Living Zombies DLC
  • Fixed a rare audio crash

5. Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed minor player 3Cs issue

6. Coop

  • Bug fix for Coop Client spawning in the air without the parachute perk when the Host uses Air Drop to fast travel

7. Far Cry® Arcade

  • Bug fix for Lost on Mars DLC weapons in Arcade
  • Minor bug fixes for Far Cry® Arcade menu navigation

8. Map Editor

  • Fixed the Sky Occlusion Setting that did not properly interact with the light level of the map
  • Removed some folders that were doubled in Lights And Effects
  • Bug fix for texture issues on destructible generic shapes
  • Bug fix for Triggers and Actions for Scripting Tool
  • Bug fix for map budgets carrying over to new created maps
  • Bug fix for assets changing upon loading the map
  • Added IGE Lost on Mars DLC assets
  • Added IGE Dead Living Zombies DLC assets
  • Minor bug fix on some Hours of Darkness DLC assets
  • Minor bug fix on decals

9. Far Cry® 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC

  • General bug fix for release