accidentally leaked

Valve is working on a streaming service that apparently will compete with Twitch. The service is called and was recently leaked to the public by accident. The service was posted to the site, but you only get a white screen after Valve took it down again.

In a statement to Cnet, a Valve representative said that is in an internal testing phase and that it was a clean technical failure that made it accessible to everyone for a short while. Valve’s own Dota 2 was the only game that was streamed on the test version.

In the leaked trial version of the new service, only Valve’s own Dota 2 was streamed, more specifically the big The International tournament.

In its current version, it appears that the service is not designed for regular Steam users to use the service to stream their own games, but this can of course change. Valve already has its Steam Broadcasting service on the Steam platform, but the new will be a major improvement.

According to those who tested the service before it was quickly retrieved by Valve, the service provides access to friend lists and group conversations from the new Steam Chat feature, including the opportunity to invite friends to watch videos together while chatting. There should be a lot of tabs for multiple conversations in the interface, and in addition, voice chat will be embedded in the browser itself, a feature that should only be available in Chrome in the trial version.

Valve has not officially announced the service yet, so beyond this there is not much more known about